Things to Avoid When Implementing SEO Techniques

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Much has been written about the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO), however, there are a number of SEO techniques that should be avoided in order to maximize the potential of a campaign.

Here are the top 10 techniques amount to avoid:

1. duplicate pages - no advantage to improve the ranking of search engines and big names like Google, Bing and Yahoo are ignored completely and in some cases may even look to ban the site you use.

2. The use of "hidden text" - invisible text refers to text that is the same color as the bottom of the page you are on. Moderators quickly identified this technique and tried to eradicate the problem by marking spam.

3. Use keywords in comment tags - Major search engines tend to not comment tags or even bother indexing. Therefore, it is a futile exercise and a waste of time to add to SEO purposes.

4. Do not use keywords in the tags hidden value - Placing keywords in the tags hidden value are considered spam by most major search engines. Again this is a technique that does not guarantee the time or effort.

5. Do not use keywords in the tags for style - Almost no search engine recognizes the content of style tags, so that its application for the purpose of SEO is a waste of time.

6. Avoid programs and exchange links link farms - most moderators see link farms and link exchange programs as spam, as they serve one purpose, which is to put more emphasis on the popularity of a website link to the commercial ties between the participants designed plans.

It should be noted that the link farms and link exchange techniques should not be associated with a reciprocal link. Reciprocal linking is a "legitimate art" more than meets the exchange of links between individual sites on a basis of mutual benefit.

7. Do not use links pages only - Most major search engines do not recognize just pages of links. Therefore, it is always advisable to add text descriptions to link pages to use for SEO purposes. This should also be the case for sites like site maps.

8. Avoid Refresh meta tags - Generally, moderators consider meta refresh tag, set in 30 seconds, or spam. To fight against the problem of this technique, search engine specialists have resorted to using Java Script redirects.

9. Try to avoid small text - While most search engines will allow some use of small text, so search engines will be used excessively ignore articles and web pages. Why search engines are against small text is to see it as an attempt to fill articles and web pages with keywords.

10. Do not use the techniques of camouflage - Concealment is considered very controversial because it serves-page SEO for search engines, while feeding the pages of site visitors UN optimized. Search all installations engines consider cloaking be a form of spam, with success, however, those who have come this way, but it is frowned upon.

Although the above techniques are considered controversial, although they can be used. Which is accepted by some, it may be well with others. The fact is that there is no right or wrong way to conduct SEO campaigns, just be prepared to wait a few critical for certain types of techniques.

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