Basic SEO Techniques and How To's

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The search engine optimization is essential for common sense and simplicity. Its purpose is to make a SEO friendly web site as possible. SEO is really not difficult and you do not need to have specialized knowledge of algorithms, programming or taxonomy; but it requires a basic understanding of how a search engine works. In this article we will discuss some of the basic SEO techniques that you can do for your own site.

There are very simple SEO techniques that you can do when building your site that will help you increase your chances of getting better results.

Title Tag - although it is often associated with the meta tag, which is not the same. It plays an important role in the indexing of your site and is also considered the most important title, description and keywords. A page title is the first thing potential visitors will see when they look at you for a profile, so it is important to include a keyword in it; but never go too far. You do not want to "keyword stuffing" which does your site look like spam.

Meta Tags - This is one of the most important labels, because it appears in the search results; It is also what users read when your link appears, and why they wish to click on your link. Be sure to include a few relevant keywords in this tag, but never more filling. The description tag should read like a sentence rather than a list of keywords.

Proper use of title tags - the use of heading tags helps users, web browsers and search engines as well as know how and where the main key points of your copy are. The title of the homepage must use

<h1></h1>which shows what your page is about; then, use


&lt;p&gt;&lt;br /&gt;&lt;/p&gt;



<p><br /></p>

additional copy for your tags. Different title tags give a priority to the content and help index your site correctly.

Alt attribute in images - even when you turn briefly descriptive alt attribute with your image, provides additional relevant text to your source code that the search engine is able to see when indexing your site. This is one of those SEO techniques that you should not miss. The most relevant text you have, the more likely you are to achieve a better search ranking.

Title link attributes - which are the "tool tip" that appears when the mouse pointer is placed over a link. They are also important for the image links and text links to.

Relevant content - which is the important aspect of a page of all the SEO techniques. Even if you put all your keywords in the meta tags and image alt, but if the actual readable text on your page is not relevant to the keywords that would be futile. In the creation of content, just write naturally. Make it relevant and make sure it makes sense to the reader.

Link Building - If you have the actual content, it is easy for you to generate links to other sites and blogs. It is a give and take; If you access other sites, you will find sites linking back to you and hope to see your page rank goes up too. This is one of the best SEO techniques.

Media - from social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) a social bookmarking site like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon. You can use them and get your site noticed by the people who use social media. The key is to make friends, write a great post and build relationships with peers in your niche. You will notice that your friends post messages and give you votes on the social bookmarking sites. The more votes you get, the more you will be noticed by others which often results in additional link backs from other blogs too. The use of social media is one of the many SEO techniques is a fun way to do it because of the relationship you can build throughout your SEO campaign.

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